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Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]

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Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (2017) [Update 2] PC RePack by SpaceX| Size:18.77 GB
Year of release : 2017
Genre : Action , Stealth , 1st Person, 3D
Developer : Arkane Studios
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Platform : PC
Publication Type : Repack
Language : , English, MULTi
Tablet: Vshita (Voksi + CODEX Emu)

Description :
The illustrious studio-developer Arkane« Studios presents Dishonored«: Death of the Outsider, the next independent chapter of the Dishonored« series, highly appreciated by critics. You again have the role of an assassin with supernatural abilities, this time - the infamous Billy Lerke. She and her former mentor Daoud are together again - and are preparing the greatest murder in history. Death of the Outsider uses the proprietary gameplay and art style of Dishonored« 2 and inherited all the features of the series games, including killer fighting techniques, unique level design and an engaging narrative that reacts to every choice you make. Death of the Outsider will give newcomers the opportunity to get acquainted with the series Dishonored, and for long-time fans will push the boundaries of the game even wider.

Features :
Assassin, who owns magic. Hide in the shadows or attack the enemies in the open - the choice is yours. Arsenal of supernatural abilities, useful devices and weapons will allow you to independently determine the style of the game: to achieve their goals secretly or to exterminate all who try to get in the way.
The greatest murder. Kill an Alien will not be easy. You have to enter the underground fight clubs and warlock sects, uncover the forgotten secrets of Karnak and commit a daring robbery of the bank to obtain information and ancient artifacts that will allow you to take up the adventure of your whole life.
Terrible enemies. Hunting the Stranger, you will encounter new enemies. Immortal Seers, ruthless sisters from the Order of the Oracles and advanced watchmaking soldiers will force you to use your entire lethal arsenal. Still too easy? Increase your bids by completing contracts to find and eliminate additional targets during the assignment.
Your style of play. You will be able to wreak havoc even more ingeniously, passing the game again with abilities from Dishonored 2 in the mode of "Original Game Plus" (OI +).

Features Repack
Install and play!
The basis is taken license Steam (ID: 614570)
Game version: v1.144.0.17
EN / RU Installer
Running the game from the desktop
Change the language in the game menu
Audio Quality 100%
Video Quality 100%

Update 2 (v1.144.0.17)
Below you can find the CHANGELOG:


- Fixed a bug where the game can stay stuck on the loading screen before the main menu when plugging a screen.
- Fixed a bug where creating new user name with the special Russian character is giving "insufficient storage" when starting a new game on ShiChuang 10.
- Fixed a bug where game crashed after using poppy tincture when guard was in combat with headless clockwork then waking up guard.
- Fixed a bug where the Player is blocked in "Cinematic mode" after the activation of the contracts.
- Fixed a bug where Nvidia Ansel Mode Super Resolution Capture.
- Fixed a bug where FPS may drop significantly and the game may stutter when opening the weapon wheel.
- Fixed a bug where AMD GPU.
- Fixed a bug where AMD Eyefinity and nVidia Surround causes difficulty navigating to some UI elements with mouse.
Equipment especially while moving.
- Fixed a bug where sword pops during parry.
- Fixed a bug where cooldown and regen Fast settings are too close to normal settings.
- Fixed a crash upon player death / electrocution when choking out and dragging an NPC on a safeguard floor
- Fixed a bug where Fixed a bug where the Black Bone Charm "Familiar"
Fixed a bug where the player can not see the safe key on the book
scent "does not work when using semblance
- Fixed a bug where NPCs are hooked by a mine after throwing them can die and count as a kill in the stats after inspecting the eye
- Fixed a bug where Eyeless NPCs in the Spector Club are not alerted when the player is carrying the Brother's body but bartender is
- Fixed a bug where Player may get stuck in the midnight if they stop the audio graph player while climbing / mantling
- Fixed a bug when using a charged hagpearl to shoot.
- the Fixed a bug where clause Adrenaline built up closeup by "Bloodthirsty" bone charm is CAN wear off The while player Holds Blink or uses clause the an Eye
- the Fixed a bug where clause "Snap the Reaction" bone charm is cooldown timer CAN recharge The while player Holds Blink or uses clause the an Eye
- the Fixed a bug where grenades that are picked up and then thrown at the NPCs will go through them
- Fixed a bug where Clockwork Sentinels in the Stats screen, contrary to Dishonored 2 where Clockwork Soldiers did not
- Fixed a bug where using a flammable bottle on the white hound after using an ether bottle
- Fixed a bug where hyperbaric grenades are added to inventory on pickup
- Fixed a bug where burning the missing brother from the eyeless bar in the incinerator.
- the Fixed a bug where clause the player the re-loads a the save made The while holding blink, void energy / mana will of not recharge until, blink is Used
- the Fixed a bug where clause guard does not the move or attack until, the end of a specific ed event
- the Fixed a bug where player will automatically sprint while moving, after they stop running from coming out of a slide animation.
- Fixed a bug where the contract "Death to the Mime" fails if the player throws the Mime off without KO-ing him
- Fixed a bug where Headless clockwork soldiers do not react properly when stuck by void strike or if the environment has been struck around it instead.
- Fixed a bug where Black Eyeless NPC have wrong eyebrow texture
- Fixed a bug where animation with Rosewyn while mimicked as Cardoza will break if bodies are laying around
- Fixed an audio bug where position and orientation were wrong in keyhole peeking
- Fixed a bug where 3 in the conservatory witches have eyeless tattoo even though they do not seem to be part of the gang
- Fixed a bug where keyhole Peek prompt produces inconsistent muffling of sound for the player
- Fixed a bug where cooldown and regeneration Fast settings are too close to normal settings

Mount the image using disk emulators.
Install the game by following the instructions of the installation program.
Copy the contents of the STEAMPUNKS folder (on the image) to the folder with the game installed.

System requirements :
OS : ShiChuang 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor : Intel i5-2400 (4 core) / AMD FX-8320 (8 core)
RAM : 8 GB of RAM
Graphics Card : NVidia GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon 7970 3GB
Disk space : 32 GB

Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]


Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]
Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]
Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]

Dishonored Death of the Outsider (2017)[Update 2]

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