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Roger Ebert on Nicolas Cage's acting ability in his Great Movie essay on Adaptation There are often lists of the great living male movie stars: De Niro, Nicholson and Pacino, usually. How often do you see the name of Nicolas Cage? Roger Ebert: At his best, Nicolas Cage is on the level of De Niro, Pacino and Nicholson - Saw it on Reddit first and thought it was interesting how highly regarded. 29.06.2010 · Ebert and Roeper review the 2002 WWII war film, Windtalkers starring Nicolas Cage and Adam Beach. Both gave it a thumbs down because they film only has violence and explosions and no story telling. 07.03.2010 · Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper review the 2000 action thriller film Gone in 60 Seconds. Both of them hated this film and found it to be a waste. Roger Ebert schrieb in der Chicago Sun-Times vom 7. August 1998, der Film würde die übelste Art eines schlechten Films „the worst kind of bad film“ darstellen. Lediglich die Anfangssequenz, in der die Kamera ohne sichtbare Schnitte volle zwölf Minuten lang Nicolas Cage folgt, bezeichnete er als „wundervoll“. Das Ende enttäuschte ihn.

18.09.2019 · Siskel and Ebert reviews an American action thriller film "The Rock", starring Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, and Ed Harris in June 7, 1996. It is a mixed review because Gene gave thumbs down and. 07.03.2010 · Siskel and Ebert review the 1997 thriller film Face/Off, a movie which is about two men played by John Travolta and Nicolas Cage who have their faces replaced with each others. One is Good and the.

Cher and Nicolas Cage / MGM. According to AV Club, famous movie critic Roger Ebert wrote this about the film. His review read, “The most enchanting quality about Moonstruck is the hardest to describe, and that is the movie’s tone. Reviews of the movie tend to make it sound like a madcap ethnic comedy, and that it is. But there is something. Lord of War – Händler des Todes ist ein im Jahr 2005 veröffentlichtes Drama von Andrew Niccol in dem mit Nicolas Cage, Ethan Hawke und Jared Leto die. In May 2003, Nicolas Cage was cast as lead in the film. New drafts were written by nine scribers, including Cormac and Marianne Wibberley, E. Max Frye and Jon Turteltaub. By October, Sean Bean was cast. Filming locations. National Treasure was filmed primarily in. TIL Roger Ebert had always praised Nicolas Cage, and contrast to other critics, even gave "Knowing"2009 Four out of Four stars.

Perhaps it’s Coffel’s quotation from Roger Ebert that best exemplifies Cage’s strengths as an actor: “He’s daring and fearless in his choice of roles and unafraid to crawl out on a limb, saw it off, and remain suspended in air. No one else can project inner trembling so effectively he always seems so earnest.” The whole piece is. Roger Ebert: At his best, Nicolas Cage is on the level of De Niro, Pacino and Nicholson - [quote]I was hoping no one would post a reminder of that ugly spectacle.

Ebert & RoeperGone in 60 Seconds Year 2000.

Sep 12, 2019- Roger Ebert compiled "Top Ten" film lists every year, dating back to 1967. Here are his favorite movies from the past 45 years. Sep 12, 2019- Roger Ebert compiled "Top Ten" film lists every year, dating back to 1967. Here are his favorite movies from the past 45 years.

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