Mylar Bird Tape 2021 -

Bird Scare Devices Octopus Flag and Flash Tape: buy Bird Scare products. Mylar tape reflects sunlight and creates a humming sound when tape is twisted in the breeze, signalling danger to pest birds in the area. Available in 1/2" x 300' rolls. Bird Scare Octopus. buy this bird scare product: Bird Scare Flash Tape. buy this bird scare product. MAIN PRODUCT SECTIONS: AUDIO BIRD DETERRENTS. Flash tape made from an iridescent red mylar film; Drives birds away by creating an optical distraction zone; Ideal for use in trees, pool areas, patios, and gazebos and on boats; Flash tape "crackles" in the wind scaring off pest birds visually and audibly; Simply cut off strips of the tape and attach them to the area where you want to deter. Irri-Tape® is designed to utilize sight and sound to scare birds away from an effected area. The iridescent material shimmers and shines in the sunlight, disorienting and confusing any bird that catches a glimpse. Irri-Tape also creates a metallic noise as it flaps in the wind, adding an additional threatening sound to keep pest birds away. Flash Tape is a visual bird deterrent made from a highly reflective, shiny mylar film and is used to scare birds from outdoor areas. It can keep pest birds away from fruit trees, gardens, vines, pool areas, patios, gazebos, overhangs, boats, and more! Scare Tape is most effective on flocking birds attacking young seedlings, fresh germinating seeds or ripening fruit do not put the tape up before fruit begins to ripen. This reflective prismatic pattern film annoys all kinds of birds with its rainbow flash of colors as well as the fluttering sound. Width of the tape.

Bird Tape is made from flashy iridescent material that is used to scare away unwanted birds. Together with the movement and crinkling sound of the tape, the reflective colors and shimmering surface scare birds away from any area where they are unwanted. boPET film is used as the substrate in practically all magnetic recording tapes and floppy disks. Metallized boPET film, along with other plastic films, is used as a dielectric in foil capacitors. Clear boPET bags are used as packaging for audio media such as compact discs and vinyl records. 08.06.2008 · This tape does anything but scare birds. They love it. I have had this bird tape up about a week for woodpecker control, and it seems to be working well. I had some other tape, actually a shiny decorative Halloween tape, up before. The woodpeckers didn't seem to like that, but neither did my HOA. So I took it down and replaced it with the Bird-B-Gone tape. So far, the woodpeckers seem to continue. 15.11.2016 · I got this bird repellent scare tape for free and it is a quality and reflective flash tape measures 1.9 inches wide and is weather-resistant.It is also 260 FEET of bird scare tape, offering.

Bird Scare Mylar Flash Tape reflects sunlight and creates a humming sound when tape is twisted in the breeze, signalling danger to pest birds in the area. Placement and quantity are key to using bird.

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